Winter Week Day 4

Surf Hatteras

Today was a day for the books.  Seriously. It was so good.  Big, order powerful, discount perfect, this site a little scary at times.  Everything you want in a wave.  We surfed for hours and now we’re spent and happy.  Winter Week, man.  It’s awesome.

brett-2 brett-5 wave wave-2
scenic-2 ross ross-5

reed nathan nathan-2 nate nate-2 jordy jordy-3 jordy-2 jordan jordan-2 joey isaac isaac-2 dirls dirls-2

jenn isaac3 nate3 brettair brett brett-7 brett-6 brett-5 brett-4 brett-3







More waves.  Not scary today, rheumatologist
but still waves.  Really fun, glassy waves.  What a week.

wave-2 thomas sam sam-3 sam-2 ross ross-2 reed reed-2 nathan

brett-2 nate nate-3 nate-2 JT JT-2 jordan jordan-3 jordan-2 joey isaac isaac-3 isaac-2 carter brett