Winter Session Day 3

Surf Hatteras

It’s Wednesday Morning, symptoms and the surf is still great thanks to our snow storm!!!

Cold?  What cold?!?  Everybody was stoked to get out there!

Coleman with a nice coverup!

Marshall dropping in with perfect form.

Austin driving down the line with style.

Shhh, Laney’s hunting barrells…

Thomas bottom turning on a nice right!

Austin setting up another great left.

Baino was determined to find some rights…mission accomplished.

Ross with a perfect backside bottom turn…oh, and its a pretty good wave too.

Austin caught everything in sight this morning!

Marshall, fully committed to the late drop!

Thomas on a nice doubled up left…double your pleasure, double your fun!

Austin stalling for a big barrel.  Look at that wave!

Coleman on a nice round right.

Ross.  Top turn.  Past vertical.  Boo-yah!

Head high right?  “No thanks.”  Laney was waiting for that perfect left.

It might be a little chilly, but it was another beautiful day in Hatteras.

“Great session!  Who’s ready for the hot tub?”

Another glorious winter morning in Hatteras.

Laney was LOVING it.

Baino was also loving it.

Laney flying.

Austin down the line backside.

Thomas is good at surfing.

See what I mean? Perfect bottom turn.

Marshall also has a textbook bottom turn.

Marshall is a talker. Even while surfing. 🙂

Thomas on another sweet one.

Marshall going fast.

Ross on his favorite board.

Laney had a great day. She's truly hardcore.Austin had some great rides today.