Week 4 – Day Cinco

Surf Hatteras

Serious gnar was had today.  Shredding ensued per usual.

Sarah getting down the line on a tasty peeler.

Perry got hungry in the lineup so he decided to carve up this wave for a tasty snack.

Moose pulling into the tube.

Someone give this man a speeding ticket.

Maddie makin’ it look easy.

Josephine bringin’ that city style to the bustling metropolis of Rodanthe.

Shankar had his best day yet!

Jamie making a sweet late drop-in.

Dargon only charges big waves. And makes them.

Holden gettin’ a hold of this left.

Dustin on a nice one!

Jay caught a bajillionteen waves this morning. That’s a lot, viagra and this is a sick one.

Chris, help solid bottom turn bro.

Jack on a good looking set wave.

Charlie, gettin’ directions to Shack City.

The waves were awesome again this morning, physician and everyone surfed their faces off.

Another day of solid glassy swell.

Sarah on one of the best waves of the week.

Perry getting some speed down the line.

Nick making a sick drop.

The Moose is shootin' down the line... irony?

Maddie shredded some gnar today, then put it on a sandwich for lunch?

Woah! Josephine on a wave that is not small.

Holden's surfing has impressed us all week, and today was no different.

Jay in the perfect spot on the wave, again.

Coleman looking for some shade in the tube.

Charlie rippin' it up. He likes to do that, which is cool.

Backside turns are hard, but not for Chris.

Dargan, stop being so good at surfing.

Jamie doing a nice bottom turn.

Jack is always super stoked to shred.

And he loves barrels.

Dustin on a nice right.

Lookin' good, Shankar.

More Meese. Is that the plural form of Moose? It should be.

That's Ross. He's okay.

Baino gives this wave two thumbs up. But after he finishes shredding it.

Jamie again.

Holden gettin' after the set waves.

'Sup d00d!!

Seriously Dargan, you shred.

I predict more sick waves in Charlie's future. Call it a sixth sense.