Week 4 Day 4

Surf Hatteras

Serious gnar was had today.  Shredding ensued per usual.

Sarah getting down the line on a tasty peeler.

Perry got hungry in the lineup so he decided to carve up this wave for a tasty snack.

Moose pulling into the tube.

Someone give this man a speeding ticket.

Maddie makin’ it look easy.

Josephine bringin’ that city style to the bustling metropolis of Rodanthe.

Shankar had his best day yet!

Jamie making a sweet late drop-in.

Dargon only charges big waves. And makes them.

Holden gettin’ a hold of this left.

Dustin on a nice one!

Jay caught a bajillionteen waves this morning. That’s a lot, viagra and this is a sick one.

Chris, help solid bottom turn bro.

Jack on a good looking set wave.

Charlie, gettin’ directions to Shack City.