Week 3 Day 5

Surf Hatteras

Today we all went to Frisco for a fun day on the beach. We picnicked, check surfed, booged, and played.  It was epic.  Also, check out some of the Jockey’s Ridge pics from last night!

Laney with a nice floaterrrr.

Ohhhh, smooth backside, Jimmy.


I am Sam.

Coleman, you're not a bird so stop trying to fly.

Chris on a fresh Frisco peeler.

BOOM!!! That's just Chris bomb-dropping again.

The Edenton crew shares a wave. That's cute.

Go Griffin!

Laney actually does know how to fly. Sorry Coleman.

"Excuse me, sir. Which way to the beach?"


Save some for us Beckayyy!

Samantha after her exfoliating sand bath.

Nom nom nom. I can haz sand.

Olivia flying down the dune.


Wipeouts are better when shared.

Awww. More friends. Yay friends.

Ross doin' his thang.