Week 3 Day 4

Surf Hatteras

Laney just doesn't stop!

Ross finishing out a nice turn by the pier

Phish caught about a million waves today

Erin also had her best morning yet!

Jimmy knows where to be

Lauren was paddling into her own waves!

Sam made huge progress today. He showed those waves who's boss.

It was a lovely morning

Chris S on one of many awesome rides

Ross A is a natural surfer

Samantha charges!

And there goes Griffin! Always charging too.

George on a glassy wave

Olivia dropping in!

Claudia is now officially an experienced surfer

Charlie is cruisin

And there goes Chris A on another big one

There goes Chris again!

Look at Phish go!

I think these guys had fun

Jimmy looking to turn

There's George!

There's Baino with a nice backside bottom turn

And why not end with a couple more of Laney?

Tuckin in!