Week 3 Day 2

Surf Hatteras

We had a beautiful morning with lots of waves for everyboday. We’re so excited to have girls this week too! Watch how they shred.

Lauren on a pretty little peeler

The nickname "Phish" suits her well!

Samantha really knows what she's doing

And there's Jimmy the birthday boy! Not a bad way to spend a birthday.

Sam is the man!

Woah Laney. Woah.

This is what we got to surf all morning!

Ross A. had a lot of great rides

Chris A. is a talented surfer

Erin caught the first wave of the day!

She couldn't wait to get in the water

Griffin showing some style

Charlie is back!

Chris S. was pulling into barrels all morning

Christian on a nice one

George looking stylish first thing in the morning.

Ross R. with some speed!

Sam is a natural for sure.

Phish showing off her laid back California style.

Sam taking off!

Olivia on another nice one!

Ross A. Great wave.

Lauren was amazing for her first time!

Laney dropping in late.

Laney again again. She rips.

Jimmy had soooo many waves on this day that he was born.

Griffin on another nice one.

Erin again. She's a natural.

Claudia is sooo good at surfing.

Chris again. So good to have him back.

What a day.