Happy 4th of July!

Surf Hatteras

Happy 4th! The kids were awakened this morning by a festive (loud) parade of our staff, healthful followed by a patriotic session full of glassy Hatteras barrels. A good day. We’ve got a great group of surfers! Heading to Jockey’s Ridge to watch the fireworks tonight!

Charlie on a really nice wave


Shankar had an awesome morning

And Sarah is still shredding as usual

And there's Nick, showing off his style

Maddy the surfer girl

Josephine did so well today!

Jay had a really high wave count today

Jamie, showing control on this one

Jack attacked some waves today and won

Holden is lookin good on this one

Henry (Moose!) on a hot pink board

Woah Dargan!

Chris went for some big waves today!

Dustin and Holden taking off together

Look at the swell!

Walking out this morning

Nick and Shankar!


Jamie going backside

Chris again!

Charlie on another perfect wave

Baino says "God bless America!"