Week 2 – Day 5

We can’t believe this week is already coming to an end! Everyone has improved immensely and charged some classic Hatteras waves. Here’s a little “snapshot” of what today was like: Alex T  is a speed demon on the body board Thomas took huge leaps today as he charged harder than he had all week! Checking […]

Week 2 – Day 4

Today we had the best waves yet! Everyone is doing so well and we are very proud of all our campers Jonah is always stoked on big waves Will! That is a big wave! Yeah Kara! Kara is one tough girl. Alex T. pulling into a fun wave. Breezi Breezi Breezi Owen has really become […]

Week 2 – Day 3

We had another awesome day and everyone managed to catch some fun waves! Who are THESE goof balls? The crew. Maya the surfer girl. This was taken right before Alex’s 360! Daniel going down the line on his bodyboard. Party wave! Thomas is a charger and goes after tons of waves. Sean is a natural […]

Week 2 – Day 2

Though the waves were not the best today, check we still managed to surf and have an awesome, stuff fun-packed time. Here is a peek at what we were up to: That’s all for now, but there are more surfing pictures to come . . .

Week 2 – Day 1

Everyone made it safely and is having a great time! We had some beach time before dinner and brownie sundaes and now it’s free time until lights out. Should be a good day of surfing tomorrow! Call Ross or Hannah if you need to get in touch with your child or if you need anything!

Week 1 – Day 5

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Week 1 * Day 4

Today we had the best surf session yet! Check out some of our in-water shots . . . price one of our talented surf instructors, advice shredding” width=”500″ height=”375″ /> Coleman, one of our surf instructors, on a nice peeler Woah Christian D! Cowabunga Christian L! John showing off his perfect form Look at Hunter […]

Week 1 – Day 3

We have quite the group of shredsters this week.Here’s a peek at what today was like . . . Harry Harry Harry. Does it get much better than this?! Cameron crusing down the line on his new longboard that he can barely carry himself. Jay! What more could you want? A banana split? Well okay […]