week 8 day 5

Today we had the best waves yet! Watch out, anabolics they spit. Zack attacking this wave! Holden in the tube! Chris going down the line perfectly. Tom Crowbar on a pretty little peeler. Sarah W. going backside. Sarah B. had some great rides today. Tuna is flying! Morgan charged big time today. John the shredder. […]

week 8 day 4

Everyone is improving immensely, meningitis catching lots of waves, traumatologist and sharing lots of laughs… The waves were good by the pier today. Here’s Zack enjoying a nice, long ride. Jarno from Germany had some fun rides today and we finally caught them on camera! Julia (Tuna) showing some style. Sarah W. with perfect form. […]

week 8 day 3

It has been a beautiful day and everyone is having a blast! Hannah is really catching on! Holden onto a nice ride! Eliza going down the line. Sarah B. did really well today. We love Fro Fro’s hair! Julia S. charging. Jarno and Zack heading into shore. Tom on a nice one! Sarah from Cville, […]

week 8 day 2

We had a fun-filled day and everyone did really well surfing too! Janie cruising into the shore. Rachel, order having a blast. “Coppertone” is well protected from the sun! And there he goes! Julia “Tuna” really caught on well again this year. Eliza with a big smile. Sarah and Hannah Morgan also did really well […]

week 8 day 1

Everyone is all settled in and doing well. We had a lovely beach session before dinner and will start surfing tomorrow! Check back tomorrow night for pics!

Just a few from Friday and Saturday . . .

Bryan in the tuuuuuuube! Austin Aoki getting a few more rides before his trip back to Hawaii. Skyler, geriatrician our neighbor, check in a nice thick barrel. That was a good one. Tom, ophthalmologist our shredster, on a more friendly wave. We miss you Tom! Sorry we wouldn’t let you take Ila back to Florida. […]

Week 7 – Day 5

We were visited by some solid ground swell which brought some very big waves for our advanced crew, information pills and for the rest… well, viagra they traveled to find some easier waves but they were still pretty big! Everyone charged and had a great time though. . . Austin from Hawaii said the waves […]


It was a beeeautiful morning with perfect-sized glassy waves… Austin ripping as usual. Nicky catches his own waves with ease. Seth dropping into a pretty little wave. Look at Sarah’s perfect form! Morgan can go down the line every time! Maddie always charges. Meg also charges with grace. Yeah Ryan! Peter always makes the drop. […]

Week 7 – Day three

We are so proud of all our campers for shredding some BIG waves today! One group traveled to find some smaller, shop more manageable waves and the more advanced group stayed here to shred some sicky gnar gnar. (Sicky gnar gnar) Tom getting under the lip. John paddling into a sick wave. John shredding it […]

Week SEVEN – Day TWO

We have a very talented group of chargers this week AND some nice Hatteras swell! Here is a peek at some of today’s morning and afternoon waves… Here is one of Tom’s many afternoon waves. And Austin, this web showing his style. Morgan has no fear! Here is a pic from this morning’s session. Peter […]