Week 5 – Day 3

This morning was basically a “shack fest” where the goal was to get into a barrel as many times as possible. Many succeeded. All had one of the best sessions of their life. Ross the boss pulling a “rossell.” That’s nice. Ian surfed his best ever this morning. Jack turning off the top. John ripping […]

Week 5 Day 2

We had one of our longest surf sessions ever this morning! Everyone was having an awesome time and caught waves all over the place. Walking out onto the beach this morning. John pulling in from a sweet turn. Gabe riding a wave like a natural. “Furball” looking good in his lacrosse jersey. Drew shredding it […]

Week 4 – Day 5

Fasten Your Seat Belts – This Post Just Might Blow You Away. Perfection. Addy on a head-high wave. Furrrrball are you serious?! Check out Tristan on this one! Sarah belongs in the water. Sam seriously charged today. Nick is flying. Can you believe this week was Latane’s first week of surfing? Holden is going to […]

Week 4 – Day 4

intrp It was a bit choppy today, steroids but these kids CHARGED and had a great time. Coleslaw going for a little floater action. Sam knows where to be. Latane is paddling into his own waves with ease. Addison the shredder. Reid went for every wave that came his way. David M. charging it. Nick […]

Week 4 – Day 3

Not a cloud in the sky, sales warm green water, and fun glassy surf again today!  All were shredding. We were proud. Biscuit transformed his surfing today and had countless waves. Same with Furrball! These guys rock. Dylan showing her smooth style on this one. Look at Sarah go! Tristan, looking very happy about this […]

Week 4 – Day 2

What a great day! We had some awesome waves and some beautiful scenery here in the land of Cape Hatteras… Who’s pumped to go surfing? Furrball is. So is this guy. Look at that grin on Coleman’s face. Hannah picked up right where she left off last summer. Coleslaw, cheap a Surf Hatteras veteran, on […]

Week 3 – Day 5

This morning we switched it up with a little sandboarding session at Jockey’s Ridge followed by an afternoon surf session. This group is hard core which you will see by their photos! Tyler getting some air. How does it feel to fly Sam? Kevo enjoying the warmer water we had today. Carter on a little […]

Week 3 – Day 4

Today was one of the coldest water days in all of Surf Hatteras history, decease but these guys and gals caught some amazing waves and had a great time. They definitely earned their hot tub time. . . Sam S made the drop and had a nice ride on this one. Kevo is way better […]