Week 8 Day 2

What a great day! All of our campers got great waves and the shred factor was VERY high. . . Dylan setting up for a nice wave! Evan is flying on this one!                     Emily with an awesome power stance!             […]

Week 7 Day 5

This morning we started off with the momentous Pappy Classic competition and had awesome afternoon of shredding to top it off. What a great Thursday!    

Week 7 Day 3

Today provided countless waves for all of our wonderful campers. Many of them took their surfing to a new level today and we are so proud! And Congratulations to William and Kate on your baby if you are checking this blog! I’m sure you’ll come up with a name soon.  

Week 7 Day 2

It’s week 7!!! We’re so glad to have all the campers here and can’t wait to start shredding! All the Surf Hatteras campers kicked the week off with some great waves.            

Week 6 Day 5

Most. Beautiful. Day. This. Summer. We had a beautiful day in paradise! All the dudes were a pleasure to have this week. Thanks fellas!